About Worst Girls Games

Worst Girls Games is an independent game studio comprised of Aevee Bee (Writer, Narrative Design) and Mia Schwartz (Art, Art Direction). We’re a queer games studio that make games about very bad girls in strange and scary worlds.


Worst Girls games began in spring 2015 when Mia Schwartz and Aevee Bee decided to create a project for the 2015 Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam. After a month of work, they had a first draft of a script and enough character art to make a full length commercial game, and partnered with VN designer Pillow Fight to create We Know The Devil in a record 4 and half months total of development time. After a year of preliminary design work done mostly in the spare time of a team with other full time commitments, we started full production on Heaven Will Be Mine in spring of 2017, and released the full game in July of 2018.

Our Games

Heaven Will Be Mine is a spiritual follow-up to We Know The Devil about the messy relationships between adult women, about the ending of science fiction dreams, living for the future when every future seems doomed, and being gay in space. Influenced by queer science fiction and vintage giant robot anime, the game can be played from the point of view of any of the three main characters, whose choices determine the future of humanity’s role in space.

Available on iOS | itch.io | Steam

We Know The Devil is a visual novel, which is sort of like a digital comic mixed with a choose-your-own-adventure story. The choices in this game revolve around which of the three protagonists will spend time together and get to know each other better, and who the devil will come for when one is eventually left out. A narrative game with a simple but unique reframing of choice to depict the ways that young people hurt each other will struggling to connect.

Available on Steam

Awards and Recognition

“It really does believe that for those of us stuck in danger and suffering, we may as well have fun with it. “—Austin Walker, #2 on his Top Ten of 2018

Heaven Will Be Mine explores a host of themes, including the othering of things we don’t understand, the yearning for connection, the sheer ecstasy of contact..it does all of that while delivering stylish and evocative sci-fi world building. So, you know, it’s rad as fuck, basically.” —Heather Alexandra, on her Top Ten of 2018

#2 On Colin Spacetwink’s Top Ten Games of 2018

On Soha E’s Top Ten Games of 2018


Inquiries: AVB@mammonmachine.com

Twitter: @WorstGirlsGames

Technical Support: support@pillowfight.io